And now for something completely different! I wrote this as an assignment for a creative writing class when I was 14 — Looking back, I have no idea how I had any friends either.

I Wish I Were Prime

“I wish I were prime,” said number 9
“instead of divisible by three.
It must be heaven, for 3, 5, and 7,
but the pattern stops with me!

11 and 13 can be disconcerting,
if in the odd primes you delve,
you will soon find many of their kind,
divisible by one and themselves.”

“Don’t be too keen,” said 15
“on becoming what you’re not —
sure it’s fine to be an odd prime,
but look at what you’ve got!

None can compare, you’re a perfect square,
those are very few!
And as for me, 5 by 3,
instead of one prime, I’ve two!”